Wee Winkle Tinkle™Jingle
(May be sung to the tune "Do Your Ears Hang Low")

Your significant other,
Sisters, daughters, or mother,
Will never fall in the bowl again.

Because the Wee Winkle Tinkle™
Will remind you in a twinkle.
To put the toilet seat down...
So your tinkle tune will end.

A Few of the Testimonials

[KFRC San Francisco] "Thanks so much for talking with KFRC Morning Show hosts Ron Parker and Cammy Blackstone about the wonderful Wee Winkle Tinkle™. You did a great job during the interview and I've had such a positive response from our listeners! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you ever want to promote some more of the Latrine Queen future projects. Thanks again for a wonderful interview. Happy Holidays, Kira Johnson, KFRC Morning Show Producer, San Franciso, CA

"The Wee Winkle Tinkle™ is fantastic! This is an idea whose time has come! Please send me five more!" Dr. K. Anderson, Seattle, WA

"I think your invention is great! I am happy for you, and all the people you have made very happy." Sandy W., Chicago, IL

[Stan Delo] "I thought I should let you know that your Wee Winkle Tinkle's™ were a great hit with my two nieces, and my sister-in-law as well!! My niece laughed for several minutes after she saw the Wee Winkle Tinkle™!" Stan Delo, Port Townsend, WA

"I installed the Wee Winkle Tinkle's™ in three houses (my daughter's, my brother's, and mine). Everybody likes them!" Paul Berman, Glenview, IL

"I did not even have to install the Wee Winkle Tinkle™ to train my husband! I just put it near the toilet in it's card, he got the hint and he's been leaving the toilet seat down ever since! Thank you for a great device." D. Huntley, Monterey, CA

"After putting the Wee Winkle Tinkle™ on the lid of my two and a half year old's potty, a three month potty training battle ended. She loves it and so do I! It works great!" Cindy Fritz, Tulsa, OK [aim high in life]


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