Wee Winkle Tinkle™

Toilet lid position signal

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Operation and Use
Train in 2 easy steps!

1. Peel the adhesive tape from the back of your Wee Winkle Tinkle™ electronic toilet lid position signal, and pull and remove the tab so that the melody will play.

2. Place it in an upright position and stick firmly under any clean, dry toilet seat or lid.


Wee at 1-3/4"W by 3"L and 1/4"D, weighing about an ounce, and self-contained with a long life battery, your Wee Winkle Tinkle™ signal fits under your toilet seats. Or lids... for those who like both the seat and lid down.  

Double stick tape on the back makes installation incredibly easy. Just pull the tab and hold upright to activate music, peel the tape from the back, and stick! No tools or special skills required!

When placed in an upright position your Wee Winkle Tinkle™ electronic toilet lid position signal will continue to play the delightful melody "You Are My Sunshine" until placed down. Look for other melodies and features available soon.

The Wee Winkle Tinkle™ signal is an inexpensive, entertaining, reliable, convenient, and effective way that reminds others the toilet seat or lid has been left up.

Because your Wee Winkle Tinkle™ signal is completely self contained with a long-life battery included, it's versatility allows it to be used not only in your home,  butt it's also great for the office, RVs, boats, barracks, dormitories, restrooms, lounges, restaurants and pubs, at work, the office, outhouses, porta-potties and anywhere else you may find a toilet seat or lid!

And despite as funny and fun as it is... It is not a toy... So do not play with, eat, misuse, or abuse your Wee Winkle Tinkle™ as it's for the intended use only!

Wipes Clean
Improves Sanitation
Long Playing
Collect all Melodies and Cute Decorator Labels
Excellent Stocking Stuffer and Anytime Gift!
Improve Feng Shui!

Order several today! Your Wee Winkle Tinkle™ electronic toilet lid position signal will quickly arrive packaged in a cute card with the EZ installation/training instructions and lyrics to the jingle.ype your paragraph here.