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Her Royal Highness, Queen Latrine introduces the wonderful, new, fantastic, and exciting Wee Winkle Tinkle™ electronic toilet lid position signal!

Queen Latrine says "You can train in a twinkle with the Wee Winkle Tinkle™ signal!"


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Wee Winkle Tinkle™

Toilet lid position signal

Order a Wee Winkle Tinkle™ toilet seat signal for each of your royal throne rooms today! They make fantastic gifts that everyone will relate to at any time of the year in a way that is sure to get big laughs!

Ordering is very convenient, safe and easy! Place your credit card orders through our very secure "Order a Wee Winkle Tinkle™" page. We ship WORLDWIDE!

As throne room privacy is important, we assure that no one will be allowed to peek and your personal information will be kept very private, safe, and secure whether you order online, sign up for our newsletter, fill out our survey, or learn about Ana Unum, aka Queen Latrine and the inventor of the Wee Winkle Tinkle™ toilet seat position signal.
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Toilet seat up? Tired of wet, late-night plunges? Is leaving the toilet seat up splashing a rude dash of cold water on your romance?
Welcome into Queen Latrine's throne room to see her fabulous amazing, new, and revolutionary...

  Wee Winkle Tinkle™

 toilet seat position signal!

Ladies! You need never fall in the toilet bowl again because someone has left the toilet seat up!


The Wee Winkle Tinkle™ toilet lid signal is a simple, humorous, and entertaining device that will delightfully alert you that your toilet seat has been left up.

When your toilet seat is raised your Wee Winkle Tinkle™ toilet seat signal will play one of your favorite melodies to pleasantly signal that the toilet seat is up. The delightful melody will continue to play until the toilet seat is placed down!   Additionally, the Wee Winkle Tinkle™ toilet seat signal is tremendously effective in encouraging men to sit down during use and fantastic effective training to put the toilet seat or lid down after use!  Amazing and Reliable!  So easy to use and inexpensive too!

It's so wee and versatile, it can be placed under the toilet lid for those who like both the toilet lid and seat down! It's a good thing and a must for every royal throne room! Especially for those who want the correct feng shui, improved sanitation, or to add a little royal class to their royal boudoir.   The variety of decorator styles will complement your royal decor.   It's the best you can buy.